\_               /    /     /                     /____/          /          /          /          __/
   /    ,   ,          /          /_____/    /     /----/    /_____/    /          /          /_____/
  /    /   /                /----,     /----'               /     /    ,  ---/    ,  --------,     /
_/    /   /     /____,          /     /    /               /          /          /          /     /
\____/___/     /    /     /_____     /    /     /____/____      /____      /____      /_____     /jp!
         `----'     `----'     `----'     `----'          `----'     `----'     `----'     `----'

  • TELNET, RLOGIN, and SSH servers allowing up to 250 simultaneous terminal users
  • FTP server (virtual mirror of your BBS file bases + QWK networking and offmail mail via FTP)
  • NNTP server (creates a mirror of your BBS message bases for newsreaders such as Xnews, Thunderbird, Pine, Alpine, etc)
  • POP3/SMTP server (allows users to send and receive BBS e-mail via e-mail clients including mobile phones and tablets)
  • BINKP FidoNet-style mailer with full 5D BSO echomail tossing and nodelist management
  • HTTP server (provides hosting for basic web sites, downloading of file queues)
  • Encrypted Netmail (AES256) and Secure Echomail by BINKP (w/ SSL), FTP, or 'directory' for 3rd party FTP servers or e-mail based echomail
  • Unlimited QWK/QWKE networking with integrated QWK packet transmission via FTP (no 3rd party client required)
  • Blacklist DNS and Country blocking support for all servers (block entire countries and known spammers with ease)
  • Internal support for File Distribution Network (TIC processing and file tossing as a node or hub)
  • IPV4 and IPV6 dual stack for all servers and clients
  • Multiple instances of each server type can be created on different ports and NICs at the same time
  • Outbound TELNET, RLOGIN, and SSH gateways/clients accessble by BBS users
  • Unlimited menus with event-driven menu system (functions can be executed based on time-based events and interavals OR by user interaction)
  • Hot key and extended input options, including casing and hidden options
  • Random and security level specific menus through display files, and the ability to internally generate menus
  • Lightbar support (Lightbar, Lightbar Grid, and "SearchLight" style prompt menus, in addition to standard menus)
  • Timed events, extended input, lightbars, etc, all work concurrently and compliment each other
  • One defined menu option can fire off any number of events/menu commands
  • ACS-based menu options allows almost unimaginable (complex) security restriction combindations without programming
  • Full support for long file names and menu descriptionsm for all menus
  • Extended hotkey support for events based on arrow keys, home, end, page keys, etc
  • Menu "GOSUB" and "RETURN" options
  • Online editing and simulation of all menus
  • Definable themes with their own unique prompts, files, menus, and scripts (each category optionally specifc to a theme)
  • All prompts configurable per theme, allows for multiple selectable languages prompted per connection or saved per user
  • Themes can inherit from default theme, so you only need to change what you want changed in a theme
  • Powerful MCI code system replaces codes with user specific data
  • MCI code system allows multiple ANSI related functions and text reformatting options
  • MCI code system allows for input field toggle, and input field size limitations enforced PER input prompt
  • Themes can be limited to ANSI-BBS or ASCII terminals, or allow both
  • Yes/No lightbars, percentage bars, inherited theme color system defined by MCI codes
  • Basic support for 40-column themes
  • Online editing of all themes settings and prompts
  • MCI system allows access to user, BBS, and session information easily within prompts, menus, scripts, and display files
  • MCI system supports cursor and screen location, screen saves and restorations, and information output formatting
  • MCI system allows easy theme-based pop up boxes with automated screen save/restore functions for simple user notifications
  • JAM standardized message base format
  • Robust QWK/QWKE offline mail system w/ ability to add/drop bases using the QWK readers, new files listings, netmail, FTP transmission, etc
  • Support for multiple echomail and netmail networks including complex nodelist searching and browsing without compiling nodelists
  • Built in BINKP mailer, and 5D Binkley-Style-Outbound echomail tosser.
  • Full QWK and QWKE networking support in BBS and via FTP (no FTP client required)
  • Built in AreaFix to allow nodes to self-service manage their echomail subscriptions.
  • Full screen message editor with quote window, cut/paste, message uploading, paragraph reformating, proper wrapping and quote reformatting
  • On the fly spell checking with word suggestions/correction while you type messages (supports multiple languages)
  • Full screen message area listing (similar to GoldEd, etc) available ONLINE to users or even locally from command line
  • Ability to embed ANSI art and colors in message base posts. Share and edit ANSI online in the message editor/bases!
  • Draft message system saves your posts if you get disconnected or time out so you can resume later
  • Ability to export and download messages
  • Posted message editing, copying, moving, forwarding, and deleting options
  • Ability to assign moderators to individual message bases
  • Ability to reply to messages by current base, selectable base, netmail, or email
  • Lightbar and standard type message reading, scroll through messages with your arrow keys, etc
  • Lightbar style message listings (see and move through message lists with arrows and function keys)
  • Unlimited message base groupings and unlimited message base groups
  • Groups can be global (ie, can also include file bases or ANY other areas of the BBS including menu sets)
  • Message bases can be a member of many groups
  • Automated message posting by menu event OR offline by external utility (including automatic splitting for long posts)
  • Robust message searching (new, to you, by you, text search, and more)
  • Individual new scan base selection for both online and QWK packet scans
  • Ability to define and apply a signature to message posts automaticlly
  • Random origin lines by base, group, network, or globally
  • Ability to set last read pointer, skip bases in scans, or ignore all messages in a base while reading
  • Ability to set/reset last read pointer by date for one base or all message bases
  • Ability to apply a post-per-call ratio to ALL BBS functions
  • Threaded message reading tracks replies and origin messages and allows you to move between them
  • Online editing of all message bases and message groups, including sorting, and global editing
  • External FIDONET.NA importer
  • External AREAS.BBS exporter
  • Automatic deletion of messages based on number of messages in base, or by message age
  • Message base packing and renumbering
  • Ability to auto create message bases when new echomail is received for a base that doesn't exist
  • Ability to auto create message bases based on existing data files
  • Full support for long file names within message base data file names
  • Forced message reading per base, private message bases, pub/private bases, separate access restrictions for listing, posting, reading, and moderation
  • Each Message base can have their own unique visual appearance while reading messages
  • Top XX generation of message posters and post-per-call ratio listings fully configurable by template files
  • Long file name support in file bases and listings
  • Internal Xmodem, Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Zmodem, and Zmodem/8K (ZEDZAP)
  • Internal archive viewing for ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LHA and LZH
  • Nagivate inside of archives with arrows and page keys, and search inside of archives instantly
  • Download BBS batch queue via tranditional transfer protocol or by FTP or web browser
  • Ability to view and download files within an archive (using full screen ANSI file viewer w/ SAUCE etc)
  • Ability to view an archive contained inside of another archive (ie, view a ZIP thats inside of a ZIP)
  • Blind upload system (no need to type in filenames before uploading Mystic will find them and ask questions as needed)
  • Standard and full screen "lightbar" file listings (scroll through listings with arrows, pgup/down, home, end, etc)
  • Previous page function during both types of file listings
  • FILE_ID.DIZ importing with up to 99-line file descriptions
  • Full embedded ANSI and pipe color translation/support in file descriptions/DIZ
  • Embedded @BEGIN_FILE_ID.DIZ importing from text based files with description tags
  • Ability to export file descriptions to create or update an archive with a new FILE_ID.DIZ
  • Slow media support (ability to copy from CD or USB to hard disk before downloading)
  • Ability to queue files for later download
  • Ability to automatically logoff after download
  • ONLINE generation of new and all files listings for users, based on their current access levels
  • OFFLINE generation of all files listings
  • Optional file validation requirement for uploads and uploaded file testing
  • Top XX downloads, uploads generator by number of files and kilobytes
  • FILES.BBS importer
  • FIDOBONE.NA importer
  • Utility to detect and mark files OFFLINE for CD-ROM changers and USB drive swapping (while still listable to users)
  • File integrity validation utility
  • Unlimited file base grouping with unlimited file groups
  • Ability to edit file bases, groups, and file listings online
  • Ability to scan and upload new files from offline utility (inc. FILE_ID.DIZ import and file exclusion based on filemask)
  • Automated TIC processing with import and tossing to downlinks.
  • Ability to upload/share/hatch files online to FTN-style file network areas
  • Built in FileFix to allow nodes to self-service their own file distribution network subscriptions.
  • Up to 255 users online simultaneously
  • Ability to send and receive messages between other online users
  • Multinode IRC-like chat with multiple chat rooms and per-user chat scrollback!
  • Private user to user paging and chat system
  • External node monitor utility allows SysOp snooping, chat, etc
  • Virtual console able to save the users screen and restore it after finishing multinode messaging. No confusion!
  • Unlimited doors
  • Support for DOS door standards DORINFOx.DEF, DOOR.SYS, and CHAIN.TXT
  • Support for 32-bit DOOR32.SYS doors (Mystic created DOOR32 door standard)
  • MPL:
  • Built in programming language powerful enough for full blown games or simple modifications
  • Programs written with programming language work on all supported operating systems without changes
  • Programming language supports both PASCAL and INIQUITY/C style syntax
  • Command line compiler allows development with any source code editor
  • Built in source code editor with syntax highlighting, allows programs to be executed in the BBS and debugged from within the editor
  • Access many internal BBS functions with ease
  • Code is compiled, and can be distributed and usable with or without source code
  • No need to worry about I/O or BBS related functions in your programs. They accept multinode messages, chat requests, etc without coding or worrying about it!
  • Unique access to remote screen images for client side pop up boxes, lists, screen save/restores even remote character/attribute plot access, user input, client side mouse support, etc!

  • Embedded Python 2.7 can be used to develop BBS modifications and games as an alternative to MPL
  • Provides access to internal BBS display functions, user sessions, and BBS databases
  • User passwords are not stored; Enterprise-level storage method (512-bit SHA/PBKDF2 w/ variable iterations)
  • Validation of user e-mail addresses and optional security upgrades after validation
  • Users can self-service reset their passwords using their e-mail address
  • AES256 encrypted Netmail and secure Echomail transmission with BINKP SSL (TLS v1.2+)
  • Up to 255 unique security profiles define time per day, post and file ratios, expiration dates and levels, and more
  • ACS system allows unimaginable flexibility. Limit ALL access EVERYWHERE by age, time, date, weekday, user, seclevel, user flags, gender, and so much more
  • Account expiration system auto downgrades access profile to another after a defined period of time
  • Optional forced password expiration/change
  • Automated SysOp/User notification of hack attempts, and new user applications.
  • IP and HOSTNAME logging and last known IP/HOST/Country stored per user
  • IP blocking and ability to refuse connections after X connections from the same IP
  • Identify connections by country and block entire countries using IPLOCATION services
  • Identity malicious connections by using DNS blacklist services
  • Refuse connections based on originating country/location of connection
  • User name blocking and existing user blacklisting
  • Removal of message posts from blocked/blacklisted users even when posted from another BBS
  • Online editing of all security profiles
  • Whitelist allows exemption from all IP-based tracking, banning, and blocking
  • MS-DOS CP437 and UTF8 character translation
  • Node monitor with user chat, kick, snoop and full blown ANSI-BBS telnet client with phonebook, scrollback, and Zmodem/Zmodem8K (NodeSpy)
  • ANSI gallery creates virtual gallery using directory structure. Imports SAUCE, allows downloads, display speed, and full screen ANSI viewing with arrow keys
  • HTML-like help file system allows for a full screen online arrow-key navigational help system with links and ability to execute menu commands/MPL programs
  • Full screen themeable ANSI file viewer allows ANSI-BBS and pipe code files to be viewed with arrow keys
  • Display file speed emulation to slow down display of ANSI files using real baud rate emulation
  • Random display file system for all display files and templates
  • Event system allows processes to be executed on scheduled times including specific weekdays, minute intervals, hourly markers, or when semaphore files are detected
  • Quote of the day system
  • Onliners system
  • Voting booth system
  • Time bank system
  • BBS list system including downloading of BBS list, BBS validation, and list expiration
  • Complete statistics tracking system for both users and BBS (all stats per day)
  • Daily, hourly, and monthly usage graphs based on BBS statistics
  • Automatic log management and log "rolling" system trims and manages your log files for you!
  • Full scrollable input fields with line erase, home, end, arrows, etc
  • User imput memory allows users to recall the last several prompts they typed by pressing the up arrow
  • ALL BBS configuration editors available remotely using a robust ANSI pulldown menu/listbox interface via telnet
  • MCI system allows access to user, BBS, and session information easily within prompts, menus, scripts, and display files
  • MCI system allows robust cursor and screen location, screen saves and restorations, and information output formatting
  • MCI system allows theme-based pop up boxes with automated screen save/restore functions for notifications

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